Spaceships Dollars (SPD) – gift card for travellers


It’s like a gift card for travellers, but better. It’s the ultimate way to pre-purchase your future New Zealand road trip, kind of like an “investment” but better. Buy Spaceships Dollars now, get a higher return later as a discount on your Spaceships booking.

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At Spaceships, we like to keep things simple. Instead of using gift cards with fixed amounts to spend, we have launched Spaceships Dollars.

  1. You decide how many Spaceships Dollars you would like to purchase. Just select the amount and click add to cart.
  2. As soon as the order is confirmed, your Spaceships Dollars are locked in. Your order confirmation number is your voucher number.
  3. When you book a Spaceships campervan later, your Spaceships Dollars will be converted back to New Zealand Dollars: 1 Spaceships Dollar = 1.30 NZD
  4. We’ll deduct that amount in NZD from your Spaceships booking as a discount/prepaid amount.

How much are Spaceships Dollars worth?

1 Spaceships Dollar = 1.30 NZD (this is a fixed conversion rate that won’t change)

What can I do with my Spaceships Dollars?

Spaceships Dollars can be used as prepayment/discount on anything that is sold via the Spaceships New Zealand website, from campervan hire to accessories. Everything that is available now or will be added in the future can be purchased with Spaceships Dollars, ferry vouchers, activities (coming soon to our website) and more,

Is there a limit on how many I can purchase?

Spaceships Dollars are the most flexible way to prepay part of your future road trip. You decide how many or how little Spaceships Dollars you would like to purchase. Just select the amount you would like to purchase and how many vouchers. Easy as.

Will you honour my Spaceships Dollars when I make a booking X years later?

Yes, your Spaceships Dollars remain valid. You can use our Spaceships Dollars (vouchers) to make a Spaceships booking with travel dates between 1 June 2022 and 31 December 2025.

Why did you create Spaceships Dollars?

We understand that due to COVID-19 there is a lot of uncertainty. Travellers would love to travel again, but as most countries are in lockdown it’s hard to plan a trip. You can always change the dates of your Spaceships campervan booking, but we realise that not everyone wants to make a booking now.

Spaceships Dollars are a way to prepay your New Zealand road trip partially without being locked into certain travel dates. As a reward for prepaying part of your future trip, we give you more New Zealand Dollars back as a discount when you are ready to make that Spaceships campervan booking.

Who can buy Spaceships Dollars, gift voucher?

Any traveller that can’t travel to New Zealand right now, can pre-purchase (part of) their New Zealand road trip. It is like an “investment” in your future trip later, when the New Zealand border is open again. As soon as the border opens for a particular country or nationality, we’ll remove the country from our Spaceships Dollars list because then you can just book via our regular website and travel to New Zealand.

Are there any restrictions to Spaceships Dollars?

The only restrictions are that:

  1. Only travellers that can’t travel to New Zealand can purchase Spaceships Dollars (travellers that are outside New Zealand at the moment).
  2. Spaceships Dollars can only be used in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. The current year is excluded as it is a pre-purchase, like an “investment” in your future road trip!

Buy now: 1 NZD = 1 Spaceships Dollar (SPD)

When you use your Spaceships Dollars: 1 SPD = 1.30 NZD

It’s the easiest and most rewarding way to prepay your NZ road trip, no matter when your trip will take place.

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